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IOS Document Manager

IOS Document Manager (DMI) is a complete web-based solution for your document managing needs. Available in both a standalone and plug-in versions, DMI is ready for use by end-users looking for a document management solution, and developers who need to integrate document management features into their systems. DMI is packed with features to make the management of your documents easy and efficient.   Read more: Full Feature ListVersions

Integrated Scanning
Scan documents directly into DMI using our integrated scanning module. Scanned images can be saved as JPG or TIFF files, or you have DMI automatically create a PDF for you. Any twain-compatible scanner is supported. The scanning module is also designed to utilize your scanners autofeeder to create multi-page PDF files on the fly! [More Features]
Certified Documents
You will never need to worry about the integrity of the files stored in DMI thanks to our certified documents. DMI automatically keeps track of file attributes and checksums to validate that files on the server have not been modified out of the document manager. [More Features]

IOS Document Manager can be implemented quickly and easily as a plugin module to any windows application.
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